Saturday, October 15, 2016


A week spent with heroes...

I got to spend this week with heroes in two states (Illinois and Texas).  I'll tell some of those stories in the next week.

This is Nancy Grayson, who is a hero in multiple ways. She is a creator-- an innovator and an entrepreneur and a creator of a better world in my old neighborhood. She created a great school (the Rapoport Academy) in a part of Waco that needed it, and now she is building businesses and homes in that same neighborhood.  There are few people I admire more. 

I stopped by Nancy's bakery/restaurant yesterday and got a hug along with some goodies to take home to my spouse and to go with the pot of coffee I had made before running the errand that put me on Elm Street in E. Waco. Nancy is a hero, a visionary, and an inspiration.
Love Nancy! Also love seeing two Wacoans of the Year, sharing a hug. All is not lost in this old world after all.
Ditto to what Megan said - exciting to see two WOTYs together!
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