Wednesday, September 07, 2016


So, yeah, college football...

What games did I watch? Well, Alabama/USC. Which was fun. I don't like either team at all, but USC is probably the worst in terms of arrogance + cheating + always getting the benefit of the doubt at the start of every year.  So watching them get torn apart was ok by me.

I also watched some of the Wisconsin/LSU game which was awesome. Big Ten over SEC? I'll take that anytime, and I got my wish. Plus, there was plenty of televised highjacks by America's Third Greatest Mascot, Bucky Badger:

Third best mascot? How can you drop a tidbit like that and not give us the definitive Osler Mascot ranking? I think we at least deserve the top 5.
I can do that... a good topic for Saturday!
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