Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Guy with some papers

The artwork above, by Minneapolis illustrator Bill Frerenc, is the cover for the most recent St. Thomas alumni magazine. Inside, you will find a great story by Jeanne Bishop about some of my work.

I'm a very lucky person to get such attention, which is often undeserved. The truth is that on each of the cases for which we sought clemency it was my students who did much of the work, and did it exceptionally well. More than anything, I am grateful for a job where I get to both teach and learn.

And to answer the question some people have had: No, despite the vague resemblance to the figure at the bottom of the picture, we did not get Conan O'Brien out of prison. As far as I know, he is still incarcerated.

Wonderful piece Mark and Jeanne. A beautifully written, very moving “narrative.” Nice to see you get this recognition (and your students) for such hard, creative, important work. The art work is pretty cool too … yet who is the Bronko Nagurski looking guy on the cover masquerading as Mark???
Dang it, Jeanne! You'd better warn me when you're gonna make me cry!

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