Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Something else the world doesn't need...

So, this is something called a 'Pittsburgh Salad." It is a salad with a whole order of fries dumped on top.

It's an actual thing, too-- I know from experience. While driving through north-central Pennsylvania a few years ago I stopped at a diner and got a salad and whomp-- fries on top.

At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never live if I ate all those fries. But I'd spent so many nights thinking how excellent this would taste and I grew strong... 

Ok, no. Actually I just ate it. I felt a little queasy later.  

It looks like poutine, except with lettuce.
I'm looking at that with a joy like Simeon -- looks like a meal I've been waiting for, but I'd have to add some sriracha....and cheese.
Glad you survived.
I asked a friend of mine, who's from Pittsburgh, about the salad, and here's what she said, "Heavens, yes! I get a steak salad with fries on it every time I go to the #Burgh"
This reminds me of the Mussels Frites we get at one of our local places. A big bowl of steaming Mussels (a la Cadieux Cafe) topped with garlic fries. Nothing better when we see it on the "specials" menu.

Moving to dessert: we have swedish fish oreos.
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