Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Pokemon Go!

I'll admit it: Yes, I have been playing Pokemon Go. I'm not obsessed or anything... but I have spent a few minutes down on Nicollet Mall catching Pidgeys.

It's not a great game. Some people seem upset that other people stand around playing it. But, still, it is kind of a welcome change in the way some people interact.

For example, one of the busiest places in Edina these days is a little plaza near the entrance to Chuck E. Cheese. It's actually a very pleasant place, with a little lake behind and other (better) restaurants around. It is chock-full of people most of the time, talking to one another and walking around.

They are there because it is kind of a Pokemon Epicenter-- there are four Pokestops only a few yards away from one another, and when people put lures up on them there is just one big Pokemon festival going on.

And is that so bad?

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