Friday, August 26, 2016


Haiku Friday: When does summer end?

What does summer end?

To some people, it is when school starts back up, and to others it is when the leaves begin to turn. Geography plays a role, of course-- summer ends early here in Minnesota.

Let's haiku about that today. Here, I will go first:

There is that one sound
That a sleek flying goose makes
Southward now, southward.

Now it is your turn! Just make it 5/75, syllable-wise, and have some fun!

It's COLD! My wife complains
Temperature - 63
Warm? No she decides
Tremors underfoot
The Earth is shaking, wobbles
School begins again.
Single Maple leaf
Glides silently to the ground,
Brown, yellow, orange.
I have lived in three distinct regions of the US so here is my regional take on the end of summer.

Up North:
Sign "Closed for Season"
The lifeguard stand sits empty
The world moves slower

Upper South:
Ball Park, fewer fans
Traffic snarls behind school bus
Open the windows

Deep South:
Hurricane season
We watch The Weather Channel
Maybe November

It's all in our minds,
Bro! Summer, as has been said,
Is endless. Surf's up!
The young bucks return
Tawny, brown shows hints of grey
Summers end is near
When football players
Take the turf for practice runs
Even though it's August
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