Friday, August 19, 2016


Haiku Friday: Off to College

Across the nation, freshman are just now arriving at their dorms, ready for orientation (or not, I suppose). 35 years ago, I walked up the steps of Dupont Hall at William and Mary. I got out of a cab with a hard-sided Samsonite suitcase in one hand, and a portable typewriter in the other.

Let's haiku about that today-- what it was like, what you imagine it to be, or what it meant.  Here, I will go first:

I loved the trees
And the slow way people walked
The scent of fresh books.

Now it is your turn... just use the 5/7/5 syllabus method, and have some fun!

Thank God for College
Left so much crap far behind
Slow starter first step
Dorm room: I'm there first;
In my mind it's black and white
Slowly colors come.
The New Jersey guys
THought my accent was funny
I thought theirs was, too!
Sorority Rush
Two weeks before classes start
miserable heat

Anxious freshmen girls
Giddy, desire to belong
Dresses, crisp, sleeveless

Waiting for invites
Choices, initiation
begins, not for all

Rejection starts year
Tear filled calls to home, more girls
move into the dorms

Books, Library, classes
New friends made, pizza and beer
Memories ingrained
Yes Naked Push-ups
Drinking beer with Wittgenstein
Good Times had Renfield Hall
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