Friday, August 05, 2016


Haiku Friday: The Human Body

The human body is what defines us in so many ways. As I get older, there are things I notice that are new. What surprises me is that some of them are good, not bad. For example, I feel things with my fingertips in a way I did not when I was younger.

Let's haiku about the aches and joys, the beautiful and the hidden, all the things that come with being human.

Here, I will go first:

My leg can still push
The pedals of my bike and
Off I go to work.

Now it is your turn! Just follow the 5/7/5 recipe for syllables, and have some fun!

Waking up wondering
What will malfunction today
Aging is a drag.

I have Vulcan ears,
A mouse coughs behind a wall,
I can hear it all.

I drink some water
My metabolism - ack...
Scale reads, one more pound.
I feel the strength now
I worked for on high school fields
Muscle memory!
To be the servant
Of a petulant spine
Sarcasm goads twists.
Will you fill champagne
Glass to overflowing or Expand a bodice? Twins.

But for a weird knee,
I want to move more now, not less;
Body versus couch.

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