Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Food and Place

For ten years, I lived in Waco. My neighborhood was hemmed in by three streets (Valley Mills, Franklin Ave., and Waco Drive) that were brimming with fast food joints. Within a half-mile or so of my home there was every variety of fried food-- catfish, chicken, burgers, donuts-- and not much else.  Did that affect my diet? Of course it did. I love fried chicken, and I ate it. I ate donuts pretty regularly. I ate burgers. 

Then I moved to a part of Minnesota where the closest thing to fast food is a bagel place. There is a wide variety of food, but not much of it is fried, and a lot of it claims to be healthy.

How did this affect my health?  From what I can tell, not by much. In both places, I usually ate at home and exercised regularly. My weight and cholesterol is about the same. Frankly, that kind of surprises me.

How evil is fast food? Have you had it affect your health?

In the new Wacoan, the one you're in, read the interview with Ashley Thornton to hear how "devoted" she is to Whataburger and to making Waco a better place:
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