Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Wanna Talk About My Book?

In about six weeks (on August 26) my new book about performing the Trial of Jesus will come out. It's exciting and scary, in a way. Because it is a memoir, there is a vulnerability to the experience of publishing it that I am not used to. If you would like, you can pre-order the book now.

Many people who are found here are also found in the book: Sara Sommervold, Joy Tull, Jeanne Bishop, David Best, IPLawGuy, CraigA, Dr. Joanne Braxton, Kent McKeever, Bob and Mary Darden, Ron and Abby Rapoport, Susan Stabile, Jerry Organ, Randall O'Brien, and many others.

The book covers a lot of territory, literally-- we did the trial in 11 states, after all. 

I am hoping to talk about the book once it is out, so if you are interested in having me come to your school or church, drop me a line at!

I myself have been to that stadium, in 1997, to see the late Duluth/Superior Dukes play the St. Paul Saints. I still have a fine ballcap. My rental car won the "Dirtiest Car" contest and I picked up a free carwash, which I gave to my brother, who was living in Duluth at the time
I share your love for minor league sports of all types, especially baseball.
My favorite "minor" league was an industrial basketball team, where large companies hired former college players to work in their public relations, etc., departments and play basketball once a week or so. A member of the church I grew up in was on a team for one of the Akron tire companies, and we went several times to a home game, usually in a college or even high school arena. Good play but such that an average joe could think about being involved in games like those.
That's weird… yesterday's post about Wade Stadium and the Duluth Huskies disappeared, and the comments showed up here...
Your completer dis of Nutzy, the Richmond Flying Squirrel (Giant's AA team, Eastern Lg.), has come back to bite you
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