Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Trump chooses Pence; did he choose well?

So, Donald Trump chose Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. They then picked a somewhat disturbing symbol (above), then ditched it.

Pence and Trump hold different views about trade, immigration, gay rights, and other issues. Should that matter? Certainly, other tickets (ie Reagan/Bush) have had policy differences that were significant.

What do you think of the Pence pick? And, failing that, of the Scott Baio appearance at the Republican convention?

It was a safe pick going into the Convention. It quelled the crazies. Pence has...

Wait.... I really am past the point of trying to analyze this with any objectivity. Trump is an ignorant megalomaniac with no understanding of government, politics, diplomacy or economics. And a threat to the Nation if not the world. The GOP has been run by crazies for a while now, but now they're totally nuts.

This whole thing is an embarrassment. I really am just totally shocked that this is happening. I would never have voted for Cruz, but his crazy is garden variety. And Rubio is just an empty suit of ambition. But I think he had a general understanding of what the job of President entails.

So, yeah Sure, Pence was the best choice for Trump. But wow, this whole thing is really depressing.
I think it will help bring out a few more evangelicals for him... unfortunately.
Pence was available. I understand his re-election bid for Governor of Indiana was not going well.

Just like topped named celebs aren't showing him any love; thus giving us Scott Baio and the idiot from General Hospital; so goes it with politicians with any sense. Trump has resorted to the C and D list. Can't even wonder what this might mean for cabinet picks. If it goes that far, Lord help us all. His family will probably fill some of those positions if elected.
Pence may cost Trump Indiana and other middle of the road states. Indiana will be happy to be rid of him but may not support him becoming VP. Trump made a crazy selection of a far right wing, extremist Christian conservative -- many will be pushed away by this choice, more than those who will be attracted. Trump was playing to his base, not to the electorate at large, which is a continuation of the primary season, not an intro to the general election.
Waco Friend is right, IF voters pay attention to VP candidates. And most polling show that they do not. Other than LBJ making sure that Texas went Democratic in 1960 through a variety of means, the thinking is that most VP candidates have little or no positive impact.

Where they matter, however, is with the convention delegates. Choosing Pence put a final stake in the heart of the nascent #NeverTrump movement. The right wing crazies who serve as GOP Delegates would NOT have been fans of Chris Christie. He's suspiciously squishy in their view. So Pence was a good choice for that purpose.

But yes, his views are frightening. To his credit, he represents the views of a majority of the people who run the various local Republican party units around the country. His crazy, like that of Ted Cruz' crazy, is now garden variety. Trump is on a whole 'nother plane of crazy.
I was most disturbed that some political commentators I was listening to only knew Scott Baio from "Charles in Charge." They are obviously too young to remember "Happy Days."
Megan, me too! Plus, he was on Arrested Development as Bob Loblaw, proprietor of "Bob Loblaw's Law Blog." (Pronounced "Blah blah blah blah blah")
I still can't believe I was awake to hear Natalie Golbus give her two minutes of love to Trump.
I see Pence as a lay up (golf analogy not basketball). It is telling because it illustrates that the Trump team thinks they have a decent shot at winning this thing (and, also, I agree with IPLG that this was actually helpful in getting through the convention; mission accomplished; game on).

As for Pence, I am not a fan. He strikes me as a intellectual lightweight. He failed in his one great moment to defend the cause--and he cratered. One conclusion from that episode is that he is either an incompetent dope or a person of feeble character--or both. On the other hand, I keep hearing from lots of places that Pence is a genuinely nice and decent person. I take those testimonials seriously (seriously).

In the end, it doesn't matter. Nobody cares. This election is about Trump and Hillary. The enormity of our stark national choice overshadows the veep.
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