Tuesday, July 26, 2016


The Force may not be with Hillary Clinton

Michelle Obama gave a great speech at the Democratic Convention last night. It might not help Hillary Clinton much, but it sure made me appreciate this First Lady.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reported some horrible poll numbers for Hillary Clinton yesterday, just as the  convention began:

-- 68% of Americans feel she isn't "honest and trustworthy"
-- 31% of Americans have a positive view of her; 56% have an unfavorable view
-- Only 38% say they would be "proud" to have her as president
-- Less than half of the Democrats who voted in the primary say today they prefer Clinton as the candidate of their party.

Wow. And what is really depressing is two reactions I hear in response to numbers like these:

1) But Trump would be a horrible president! 

I hear this over and over again. It's a terrible statement about Hillary Clinton and the campaign she has waged.

2) It's just the "bump" from the Republican Convention

From that convention??? How could that have given anyone a bump?

It's going to be a very strange election...

The negatives on Hillary derive from a column years ago, ca. 1993, by an R columnist, full of allegations later proved to be false. The Rs have been trying ever since to create something that would stick, and they have failed except for the idea that she must have done something dishonest sometime, somewhere or there would not be so many allegations that make the news media. Any bright, capable, intelligent and attractive moderate or liberal that gains national attention and has their own agenda, will get the same treatment, like the birther treatment the Rs gave to Obama.
Tony Schwartz wrote the "The Art of the Deal". He is now speaking out about the experience. One thing he addresses is the fact that Donald Trump is an unapologetic liar. His disregard for the truth is legend. It has always been easier for Donald to win by creating one's own truths. It has worked for him and he is now sending a message to the country that he is ready to win for us. His is now the voice of the GOP.

Unfortunately there are few real journalist who will be heard when they challenge the GOP. As I have said before, the moderate Hillary Clinton was the most respected and trusted figure in American politics, even among Republicans, until she ran for office. She was considered to be too honest to win an election. Donald and his new Republican party know how to turn the truth on its head. Eventually someone will open the curtain and reveal the king with no clothes. I hope someone reports it. "The Force may then be with Hillary'.
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