Saturday, July 23, 2016


The Academic Stuff...

I am back in Minnesota after a week of meetings and work in DC and NYC-- it was very productive! But now I get to go back in my office and write some more. For the most part, I am working on a long article (I already am up to 10,000 words) on clemency that develops the themes from this NY Times op-ed and this longer piece for the Federal Sentencing Reporter. I care about this stuff, and when I write there is a lot of stomping around my office gesticulating to the wall and muttering. That's how I work it all through.

Meanwhile, Doug Berman kindly let me guest post over at his blog this week, about a public comment I submitted to the Federal Sentencing Commission about drug sentencing. You can read the comment here. Doug also referred to me as a "federal sentencing reform guru," which is an overstatement-- and anyways, of late I have been shooting for "clemency reform swami." But the two are related, of course... it is the failure of the narcotics sentencing system that has in large part created the urgent need for a broad use of clemency.

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