Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Michelle Obama brings it...

If you didn't  see Michelle Obama's wonderful speech at the DNC, you should:

I have long thought that Michelle Obama is a rare and impressive first lady, and this only adds to her legacy. I have been no fan of either campaign, but this was a bright moment in a dark season.

I had chills through the whole thing, especially when she said "I wake up every morning in a house built by slaves," and then segued into her daughters' future. Lots of urgency, power, depth, and uplift, and it shifted the mood of the convention.
It was a fine speech. Very fine. Was it one for the ages? That may be too generous. Time will tell. But it definitely was the best of the night.

I find Mrs. Obama fascinating and would call myself a fan. As I generally follow her public speaking engagements, there wasn't anything in the speech on Monday night that I had not heard before. But it was a well-delivered recapitulation of what we have come to expect for her perfectly tailored to the venue and the moment. Rock solid.
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