Monday, July 25, 2016


I'll give your Superpower a name!

Here was the Medievalist's haiku from last week:

I am still a fan,
Of the Minnesota Twins,
Five hundred losses.

I call his superpower: Loyalty!

Here was Seraphim's, which might need a little interpretation:

Mine: solving problems!
Here is how you do it: just
Say it was your fault.

I'm assuming that Seraphim means to take the blame yourself instead of blaming others. If so, I call this superpower: Selflessness!

And Amy's:

Evidently, I
Know how to get anywhere.
Been asked directions

Just by standing still,
In India, Switzerland—
Must give “Ask me” vibes . . .

I call this Superpower: Approachability!

Here was NotNoel's:

I'm very relaxed.
My superpower: I can
sleep through anything

I call this Superpower: Relaxidividity!

This was Christine's:

Soil, seed, water, sun
What's your superpower?
I'm a gardener

I call this superpower: Oh, you did that already, right in the poem.

I loved the haiku topic this week. The haikus were very, very good. Congrats to all, and especially Mark for sponsoring this activity once a week.
The Super Power
Of Osler's Razor's leader?
Simple: Joie de Vivre
Thanks for naming my "superpower!" And the chance to attempt haiku, as Medievalist says.
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