Friday, July 15, 2016


Haiku Friday: Secret Hopes

You gotta love this bumper sticker-- it seems to sum up the Waco Farmer's view on the election coming up this fall (and a lot of other people's, too).  I don't think we will get "Giant Meteor 2016," however, and that is pretty good.

This driver obviously has a secret wish-- well maybe not so secret, given the bumper sticker-- and most of us have one at some level of secrecy.

Let's haiku about that this week: The secret hopes that we might have.

Here, I will go first:

Maybe this airplane
Takes me to a place unknown
A world to explore.

Now it is your turn! Just use the 5/7/5 formula and have some fun!

She expects it
Not--kiss of hand,blush of rose,he
Will bestow,willing
Home in each other's hearts,they
Will reside.Andiamo.
Trump struck by lightning,
trampled by herd of RINOs,
Please, anything will do.
Why can't Hilary
Develop laryngitis
Like Bill. Stop yelling.
"What's funny about
Peace, Love and Understanding?"
Friends, we need it NOW!
Estrogen bomb drops
Somewhere in the Middle East
Watch as the veil falls.
At the top of the
Greenest,highest tree hawk and
lark duet into

Deepest valley of
Loving Golden eyes where Singular
Beauty is prized

Stunning...Anonymous! 10:03
Twenty seventeen,
No bombs, no deaths, no killing,
Hopeless dreamer I.
Thank you Notnoel
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