Tuesday, June 21, 2016


With the Radio On

This morning, my interview with Carrie Johnson of NPR is be part of "Morning Edition's" story on clemency (you can hear the audio here). It was a great discussion, so I hope some of it makes it on-air.

I love radio. I have since freshman year of college. That first semester, I went to the organizational meeting for the campus radio station, WCWM-FM, and heard the station manager give a pitch. It convinced me.

That station manager was IPLawGuy, who we know well here at the Razor.

There is something about the simplicity of radio that I love. You tell a story or make a point or play a song, and that is all there is-- there's no flashy video or crawler at the bottom of the screen reporting some other set of events. That simplicity makes inflection and tone important, and emphasizes the role of silence. In those thrilling first days of my radio life, I imagined as holding the end of a string that passed through a wall, and wiggling it. You don't know who is out there listening, and there is no way to do more than to talk to them. So you do that.

Not a bad thing, right?

Heard your segment at 6:29 this morning. Sounded good.
Nicely done. Great segment.
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