Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Super Secret Bucket List Item

Since I was in high school, one of my life goals has been to someday be the "Pointer of Interest" in the Grosse Pointe News. It hasn't happened yet, but I probably hurt my chances a lot by moving away from Grosse Pointe. I did get to be the Wacoan of the Year in 2009, but that wasn't quite the same thing (though it was probably better in some ways).

In the interim, literally everyone else living in and around Grosse Pointe has been the Pointer of Interest at one time or another, including an actual dog (who was, after all, a pointer). 

So, whad'ya think? What do I need to do to finally realize my dream of being the Pointer of Interest?


Move back and become Mayor or City Manager of one of the points. Is that in your future?
This seems like a worthy goal. I think you should try to rack up as many city honors as possible from across the country.
Get this movie released on DVD:

So… it hasn't been released yet, and you want me to somehow make that happen? And then I can become the Pointer of Interest?
Yes. Exactly

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