Sunday, June 19, 2016


Sunday Reflection: On Father's Day

Yesterday I wrote about the amazing "Radio-a-thon" Nkechi Taifa put together last Friday, and I am still amazed at how well it went-- Nkechi has an amazing sense of these things, and works harder than anyone (and more effectively) to create change.

The Radio-a-thon was hosted by Washington station WPFW-FM. The station's tag-line is "Jazz and Justice." I couldn't help but think that "Jazz and Justice" could be a great name for my dad and I if we were transformed into a superhero team.

On father's day, I have an appreciation for my dad that I haven't put up here before: He (and my mom) make me feel good about getting older. At each stage of life, they have grown and changed and loved the world around them. They left a message for me last week ("Call back!") and before the message ended I could hear them laughing.  My dad, in just the last few years, has learned and accomplished something totally new to him: writing for an audience.

It's a pretty good example. I'm glad for that blessing, along with the rest.

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