Wednesday, June 22, 2016


No Drama Obama

As yesterday's post reflected, I have been pretty critical of President Obama, even within the White House itself. That criticism, of course, is focused on an area I know something about (clemency). I rarely opine on foreign relations or economic matters, since I don't know much about those things.

I do admire the way that the Obama administration has been free of scandal.  Bush had the whole Scooter Libby/basis for war debacle, Clinton had... well, you know, HW had the whole mess with Iran-Contra in common with Reagan. Really, not since Carter have we had a presidency relatively free of scandal. That is a tribute to the standards the president has established.

Over the last several years, I have had a lot of interaction with people within the White House. Often they are disagreeing with me. That's ok-- it's something that I get to present my differing perspective. For the most part, though, I have found the people in there to be hard-working, principled, diligent, and honest. That's not always true of the people I run into in the political world.

A recent Washington Post article was titled Obama's Most Unusual Legacy? Being a Good Dad. That seems pretty true, too.

We should be thankful for an ethical administration, even one we sometimes disagree with, while we have the chance. It hasn't always been this way...

No doubt. Nice enough fellow. Fine family man. As I have said before, if we worked together, I think he would make an intriguing colleague whom I can imagine enjoying immensely. On the other hand, he has done some real institutional damage, which will be a major element of his legacy.
You know that question, Are we better off now than you were four years ago? (In Obama's case, it is eight years ago)
Can anyone honestly say that the answer to that question is, No?
I think we will miss this President more than we realize.
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