Monday, June 20, 2016


Haiku Report!

Crikeys! When I made the topic "swimming," I realized I was throwing out a softball to Christine.  I learned that maybe it is a mistake to invite IPLawGuy or the Medievalist to the pool. But so many others also came up with good stuff! Like Renee's:

Going down for the
Third time,my mortality
Swam before my eyes.

In a college pool
They threw me a long pole
Forced to sink or swim.

And this from Anonymous:

Sun warms my shoulders
Dappled light plays all around
Peace with every stroke.

Jill Scoggins made me wonder where "Crystal Beach" is:

Crystal Beach: shades on,
tunes on, sippin' sumthin cold,
cruisin' up and down

All that water but
no way will I swim; more fun
to see and be seen

Besides, the Gulf spits
up tar balls, stainin' my suit;
plus wet hair? AS IF!

It is great to welcome back OsoGrande, who offered this truth:

swimming for fitness...
It is great exercise, but
when tired, you might drown.

And, of course, Christine came through as I expected:

Arm reaches forward
Catch, pull, finish; feet flutter
I find my balance.


Crystal Beach is on the upper Texas Gulf Coast, on Bolivar Peninsula, nine miles from the Galveston-Bolivar Ferry Landing. When I was 13, my folks built a beach house there, so it was my home-away-from-home for 30 years. Nothing very crystalline about it but it sure was fun.

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