Friday, June 24, 2016


Haiku Friday: Teachers and Students

I am just back from Utah, where I got to finish up my work on the Weldon Angelos case-- it was great to see him free.

While I was in Salt Lake City, I also got to meet with two of my former students at Baylor: David Corbett and Craig Pankratz.

My vocation has me in three different but related roles: teacher, writer, and advocate. At this precise moment, I'm a writer. Working with Weldon, I was an advocate. But what brings me the deepest satisfaction is often the teaching part-- especially when I get to see my students thrive. Seeing David and Craig and hearing about their success brought me great joy, not that different from my joy at Weldon's freedom. Both make my heart sing.

Let's haiku this week about teachers and students. We all have been one or both, after all!

Here, I will go first:

I was faking it
That first day at Baylor Law;
Then a hand went up.

Now it is your turn! Just use the 5/7/5 formula and have some fun!

When it all works right:
You make me feel like dancing,
dance the hour away.
Old Mrs. Motley
Mrs. Blair and Mrs. Link
In truth, Twenty three.
Miz Jaseckas. Fourth
grade. Opened the world for me.
Made me who I am.
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Belief and self-doubt.
Janus' wheat and tares compete.
Teacher harvests faith.
Mr. Gregg: Tweed jackets
Faux English accent; great love
Of ancient history

Timothy Johnson
He made the Constitution
Alive; Compelling.

Law school me, dazed,
Confused,, and hot for teacher.
She made learning fun.
Stanley Campbell, June
Smith, Rachel Moore taught well AND
gave me wings to think.

Sandra M. Dogstar
Told us she taught hot yoga
She was quite limber.
Gray-haired professor
Headbanging to The Ting Tings
Before the bell rings
Mr. Funk: warnings ‘bout
vertical impressions of
hor-zontal desires

Prof Nathan Scott taught
Existentialism course.
Famous, he lectured--

Imposing, deep voice--
Smoked under No Smoking sign,
Authority? Hah.

She ruled the class from
wheelchair with thick arthritic
Cudgel fingers,I

Was her student teacher.
White,teaching black poetry
Burnt incense in

Her coffee cup.I
Played Sonny Terry,Brownie McGhee
HELL to pay. tasted Sanka. Screams!

She had a mustache
And eyebrows that shook hands.She
Knew every nuance

Of the English Language.
Every book ever written
Laughed loud like a freight train.

She was flexible
Adored diversity in
Students, the eau de vie.
Bald with a faint crew cut
He served up parts of speech and
Tense verbs like Guinness stew

The eighth graders ate
And didn't wish for Twinkies.
His humor was suspect.
My,but that took a lot out of me!
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