Friday, June 17, 2016


Haiku Friday: Swimming

Terrifying, soothing, a rite of summer; people are of different minds when it comes to swimming. So bring out your inner lifeguard, and let's haiku about it! Feel free to discuss any aspect of the swimming experience...

Here, I will go first:

The pool lays chilly
And covered in fish flies
Summer blonde cries: Go!

Now it is your turn! Just use the 5/7/5 syllable scheme, and have some fun!

It looks so easy
relaxing and athletic
But boy am I slow.
Crystal Beach: shades on,
tunes on, sippin' sumthin cold,
cruisin' up and down

All that water but
no way will I swim; more fun
to see and be seen

Besides, the Gulf spits
up tar balls, stainin' my suit;
plus wet hair? AS IF!
Smooth, glass like, toe dips...
Ripples spread, dive, stroke, mindful...
In my own world, lost...
Arm reaches forward
Catch, pull, finish; feet flutter
I find my balance
swimming for fitness...
It is great exercise, but
when tired, you might drown.
My aching shoulder
Forty eight years of swimming
will do that to you
The Medievalist
Swims like a rock in water,
Sink, sank, sunk, the end.
A foot, then calf, knee
Delaying the icy blast
Until: plunge, shock, swim
Sun warms my shoulders
Dappled light plays all around
Peace with every stroke
Municipal pool
perfect water: clear, cool, clean
Except those fish flies!
Oh stinky fish flies
Drifting lifeless in the pool
Where's the skimmer?
I stare at the clouds
Water beneath me, weightless,
Drifting with the tide.
Going down for the
Third time,my mortality
Swam before my eyes.

In a college pool
They threw me a long pole
Forced to sink or swim.
It was amber like
Beer,this irrigation ditch water.
Floating green algae

Bubbles,we swam like
Slimy eels,but didn't worry
About drowning. And

Left citrine liquid gifts when
Time and nature called.
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