Monday, June 27, 2016



There were a lot of great haiku last week-- really, go check it out. I want to meet these teachers (and I am a little surprised that CraigA made it to adulthood).  But there was one that spoke to me, especially. It was this, from the Waco Farmer:

When it all works right:
You make me feel like dancing,
dance the hour away.

Fellow teachers-- don't you agree?

Mark … your sentiment is rather universal. Mr. Funk was this wonderful, very well dressed, very proper, very well spoken teacher at the all-male prep school I went to. He was also Head of the middle school. A great man. In a very memorial moment in my eighth grade pre-geometry life, Mr. Funk met with all the young men that had been courageous enough (it was terrifying) to secure dates for the middle school dance. He talked with us about the importance of behaving like gentlemen. He also admonished us, indicating he did not want to see any “vertical impressions of horizontal desires” at the dance Saturday night. His brilliant, encoded word of caution took us several moments to figure out … and once we got it, we were all taken back in a smirking, anxious adolescent manner. Wow, did he really say that? Most of us were terrified to actually dance with a girl, let alone consider any other form of interaction.
That is a good teacher, Craig!
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