Monday, May 23, 2016


You go, car people!

Wow, what great haiku last week! I loved Amy's car story:

"Things will be just fine,"
Said Peter Lawford, salesman
At Mini dealer.

Made my dream come true,
Silver Mini with black stripes,
Oh, that rev-up sound!

And Mitch Gordon's rang true as well:

An orange Gremlin
from 1974 --
a dream that won't die.

And who would win between that Gremlin and the Medievalist?

'71 Vega,
Sure Chevy made better cars,
but mine was lime green.

MKS was wistful (and shared a dream with Christine, I think):

VW bug
Classic red convertible
Iconic and cool.

While JR sounds a little down:

I owned my dream car.
The one before I had to
buy a minivan.

We had lots of Saab enthusiasts (weird, given that it went out of business), and then there is IPLawGuy:

'70 Hemi
Convertible please.

And finally, someone who seems to have been thinking about this for a while:

Ford Focus RS
All 350 horsepower
Going to all four

In that Amazing
Nitrous Blue coat from my dreams
And the wing in back

Look to '92
For second place in my dreams
The Escort RS

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