Monday, May 30, 2016


Sunday Reflection: A Sadness

The shock for me this week was (of course) was the course of developments of Baylor, with the football coach and President fired, and a damning report of sexual assault and inattention released.

When I look at Baylor message boards (like this one), what I mostly see is anger. Mostly, people are angry because the football team will take a hit. A much smaller group is angry because women were raped, and the details have become clear.

That's a sad ratio for a Christian school, isn't it? Of course, that particular board is self-selected for football fans, and that skews responses. Furthermore, one thing that goes with becoming a big-time football school is that you gain hard-core fans who have little association with the school itself.

As I reflect on it all, mostly I am just sad. There were some remarkable and deep failings by those charged with maintaining a safe environment at Baylor, and beyond that a culture that does not match Baylor's professed principles.

What happens next?

Sadness is the exact right word.
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