Sunday, May 22, 2016


Sunday Reflection: Looking at politics with an open heart

I have a piece in today's Waco Tribune Herald that will probably make some people (everyone) angry. In it, I put forward positives about both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton without even including a "but..." that then explains how one or the other is actually like Hitler.

Are both of the candidates egotistical, ruled by political urges, and devoted to positions with which I disagree. Well, yes. But that is who we usually are going to have running for public office, and none of that means that they are evil.

I get really discouraged when I read or hear an analysis arguing that what Republicans or Democrats "really want" is to get rid of freedom, or destroy our institutions of democracy, or impoverish the country. Of course they don't "want" that. You may think that their ideas would lead to that, but they disagree with that perspective and think their ideas will lead to more freedom, a stronger democracy, and prosperity.

The divisions in our society are real and troubling. One cause is the political demonization of those who oppose our party or position. We can disagree without seeing evil intent in those who oppose us.

I happened on this by accident; have you seen it, from Bill O'Reilly?

Your article didn't sound anger-inducing!
What what! Tell us more about this football game on the beach with Al Franken.
It is a great gift to see the good in folks. Well done.
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