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Political Mayhem Thursday: Who would you have run as a third candidate?

Now that we can be fairly confident that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be the major-party candidates for President this year, it is fair to say that many people won't be happy with the choices. 

All right, then... so who else? I have listed below some viable third-party candidates. Feel free to discuss one of these, or discuss others. Notably, most of those listed below have said they aren't interested in such a run, but let's just figure that we could 

Bernie Sanders
Ted Cruz
Michael Boomberg
John Kasich
Mitch Daniels
Jim DeMint

I remember what the Ralph Nader candidacy did to the Democrats in our recent past. I do not desire a centrist(Bloomberg) or Bernie to enter that third party mix. The rest on the right can have at it.
Rink Allegro. Why not?
On the Brink with Rink!
He has quite a long rap sheet, and a serious addiction to fireworks. Plus, his stage version of "Glitter" was a total flop.

I agree with Christine that the system is not really set up to accommodate third-party candidates. Sadly, way too often the group that launches the most credible bid with the most dynamic candidate with the most thoughtful idea usually suffers the worst fate in the ultimate general election choice. Bernie would be a disaster for sincere Progressives, and Ted Cruz would be a disaster for true-blue conservatives.

Better to pick between the two evils based on who seems the least apocalyptic.
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No mention of Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson? He got 1% of the popular vote in the last Presidential election. He has not yet been nominated as the Libertarian convention is being held Memorial Day Weekend but his chances are pretty good. Many voters seem disgusted with their choices and I see it as a positive thing, perhaps perfect timing for Libertarians.
My preference would be for an entrepreneur with progressive values. Someone like Bill Gates for example. Someone who says, (and this would doom their candidacy because the special interests would tear them down)

"If elected, I'm not going to focus on special interests. I'm going to focus on governing well. I will have both liberals and conservatives in my cabinet, but the test for who will be selected will be competence. I will then work with leaders in congress to pass legislation with bipartisan support, that fixes the each of the major problems facing our country.

We will increase access to healthcare while making it more affordable, by fixing the very real problems in Obamacare without scrapping it,and using technology to drive costs down. We will ensure a strong and robust national defense, while taking care of our veterans at home. We will avoid unnecessary conflict, while defending the vulnerable. If you elect me as your president, I will cut unnecessary government expenses in a bipartisan manner, increase taxes on only the wealthiest Americans by creating a new upper-income tax bracket for those making more than one million dollars annually, and cut taxes for middle class income earners and the poor. We will harness the incredible power of the American entrepreneur to solve government waste and inefficiency by working with experts in technology and other fields to bring our nation's infrastructure into the 21st century.

We don't need to make America great again! Greatness is inherent in the human dignity of every woman, child, and man that makes up this nation. But we do need to make America prosper. And not just the few. But for the many!

If you elect me as President, together, we will change gears and move in the right direction, not by tearing one another down, but by working together in a bipartisan manner to solve our most pressing problems!"

Sorry, got a little carried away there.
DB, I like that!
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It's interesting that the main stream media seldom mentions the libertarian party. I may not be informed, but I believe they are the only third party that will be able to be on the ballot of all 50 states. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Gary Johnson has picked a running mate. William Weld, the former Governor of Massachusetts will be the V. Pres. candidate.

This is an interesting combination.
Yep, I was already planning on voting for Gary Johnson, like I did 4 years ago, but his selection of Weld solidifies my decision. Two former Governors with records of working with people from all kinds of different views.

Of course, Johnson still has to get the Libertarian nomination.

And I should send him some money... as should anyone else who supports him. Talk is cheap. Campaigns are not!

As for your list: Bernie Sanders Ted Cruz Michael Boomberg John Kasich Mitch Daniels Jim DeMint

Ted Cruz wants to live and fight another day. He's young. Running as a 3P candidate would doom his future in the GOP. Maybe the Republican Party is doomed, but the trick is to be the one who rises from the ashes, not the one who lights the fire.

Bloomberg would appeal to urban and suburban moderates. Can't see his brand selling outside the Bos-Was corridor except in small enclaves

Kasich may also be looking at 2020, so like Cruz, he won't do this. Moreover, he needs to focus on Ohio. If he ran for President as an independent, his party would disown him in Columbus and he would be the lamest of ducks imaginable. Maybe if he resigned as Governor. But for what?

I'd vote for Mitch Daniels! I HOPED he'd run in 2012. But I am sure his family situation is the same. They want privacy. He's also too reasonable a guy to compete against Hillary and Trump. And yes, Hillary and her campaign people are vicious, nasty campaigners. Don't kid yourselves.

Jim Demint..... he's mean enough to do this, unlike Daniels. But he's about as charismatic as the director of a think tank... which is where he belongs. The play, as far as I can see, is to argue that Hillary and Trump are just lacking in Presidential temperament. But I don't see how he distinguishes himself.

Bernie..... He's not giving up. He has no future beyond this year. And the rancor is not cooling. He just might. I wouldn't vote for him. Even if it was him v. Trump and no Third parties. But you know, he just might do this. Scary. He'd pull votes from both Hillary and Trump.

Fox News poll shows Johnson has climbed to 10%.
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This has nothing to do with third party candidates, but it made me laugh today when I heard it on the lefty liberal radio show I listen to in the mornings:

Trump-Palin bumper sticker:
"You're fired!" "I quit!"
A vote for anyone but Hilary is a vote for Trump. Whether you like this or not doesn't matter in this election. His statements about women, Mexicans, foreign policy, etc. are terrifying. Better a real politician that has at least some idea of the real world and the limitations on presidential powers than a homophobic, racist, raving loon who changes his beliefs to suit his audience.

Anon only because of job situations.
Lee-- Don't worry, I don't think you are some anonymous troll! You are well-known and appreciated here. Your comments last week about opioids were valuable-- we needed that perspective.
Thanks, Mark! I don't like anonymous, but...
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