Friday, May 06, 2016


Haiku Friday: Trump!

Let's face it, this is kind of his week, right? Not many people thought the day would come that he would be the presumptive nominee, and yet here we are.  Love it or hate it (and I know that a lot of you hate it), he is in this position because millions of Americans see hope in him. Whichever side you are on, and however this turns out, we do have to think hard about how we got to this point.

Anyways, let's haiku about Mr. Trump today. Here, I will go first:

Somehow, he gained
An initial: "Donald J."
When did that happen?

Now it is your turn! Just use the 5/7/5 formula, and have some fun!

Reality show,
A Reality campaign?
Calmly, he states, "You're fired!"
Ideality show,
An Ideality campaign
Calmly he says, "I quit."

Or perhaps voters
Will have the final say so
And say, TRUMP not hired!
Backing Trump or Not
One Item IQ Test for pols
Many will flunk with Trump.
"Everyone likes me.
'Cause I'm the best and brightest,
And I have a plan."

Jefferson, Jackson,
and Johnson. Each elected
regardless of hands.

Trump: also a word.
Unintended consequence:
Saying "This trumps that,"

Singing "Sound the trump,"
Make you think of Donald J.
Already spoiled English!

Ha! Ugh. Really? Sigh.
Come on. Nope. Seriously?
No. No!!!!!!!! Ok, fine.

(Ready in the voice of the Republican Party leaders)
Let us build a wall
Around the dumpster because
It smells so badly.
No big ideas
Trump has no real ideas
He just wants to win
"I'm going to make
America great again"
barked Donald Trump
A dead critter coif,
classic red and white pin strips...
Step right up, suckers....
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