Friday, May 13, 2016


Haiku Friday: Family Legends

Every family has them: those old stories that might be true... and might not be. Yet they continue on as legend from one generation to the next.  

Let's haiku about those this week. Here, I will go first:

Sir William Osler
Are we related or not?
It's guess-ology.

Now it is your turn! Just put your family legend into the 5/7/5 syllable format, and have some fun!

My Dad once told me
You're a Norwegian Princess
Like I believed that...
They said that our house
Was built on cemetery
Land. We haunted it.
My Grammy was spry
She practiced tai chi. Until
She was ninety-nine.
My father's life work:
Genealogic legends
Graveyards, libraries
R Brooke - Emigrant
Left England when Charles lost head
Safe in Maryland

T.Brooke - Committee
of Correspondents, support
for Revolution

Clement Brooke - Merchant
Jefferson embargo -Ouch!
Fresh Start, Ohio

William Lee Brooke
Ft. McHenry Defender
Star Spangled Banner

Thomas G. Brooke
Ohio, Fought for Union
at Shiloh, Vicksburg

That violin, they
say, a Stradivarius.
Now it's long, long gone.
Grandmother Nolley
birthed son in the wee hours, picked
cotton after noon

Astronomer Hall (Asaph),
Discovered Phobos, moon of
Mars. Had nice beard!

Grandma's crooked cane
Was made from the bones of
Her vanquished rivals.
Grandma's great-grandma
was "hunnert percent In'dun"
Or so they told us
My grandfather said
He had gators in attic.
Slept one eye open!
Mom is Scots-Irish
Says her ancestor was a
Tutor to Mary,

Queen of Scots. Or
Was it Mary Tudor? Best
Part: makes Mom happy.

After Mom was born--
A Saturday afternoon--
Doctor rushed to golf,

She thinks, because he
Filed no birth certificate!
Managed without one

Until sixty-five.
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