Friday, May 20, 2016


Haiku Friday: Dream car

Summer is for road trips, and that makes me think of my dream car. Of course, that changes from week to week. And no, a 1985 El Camino (pictured above) has never been my dream car, though it is pretty distinctive.

So, let's haiku about that this week. It can be about the car you desire now, or the one you wanted when you were 16. Or even one you actually owned, and miss.

Here, I will go first:

Chevy S-10 Truck
Spot Davis had a classic
I lov'd to "borrow."

Now it is your turn! Just use the  5/7/5 syllable formula, and have some fun!

'85 Datsun
My cousin had a blue one
And I wanted it!
This comment has been removed by the author.
'71 Vega,
Sure Chevy made better cars,
but mine was lime green.
Dodge Voyager van
The doors slid back and forth; I
Was just twenty two.
I owned my dream car.
The one before I had to
buy a minivan.
VW bug
Classic red convertible
Iconic and cool.

A classic, turbo
Saab nine hundred convertible.
Fast, sleek, and suits me.

I'm drivin' a '48 Cadillac with thunderbird wings
I'm tellin' ya' baby it's a runnin' thing

Oh, wait, sorry, that's a part of the lyrics to "Ride on Josephine" by Bo Diddley
A Chevy Sonic!
That is the car I long for
Said no one ever.
'70 Hemi
Convertible please
Ford Focus RS
All 350 horsepower
Going to all four

In that Amazing
Nitrous Blue coat from my dreams
And the wing in back

Look to '92
For second place in my dreams
The Escort RS
900 SPG
All the performance and more,
All with that SAAB charm
An orange Gremlin
from 1974 --
a dream that won't die.
"Things will be just fine,"
Said Peter Lawford, salesman
At Mini dealer.

Made my dream come true,
Silver Mini with black stripes,
Oh, that rev-up sound!
Wow, Medievalist!
You had a Vega, too? Mine
Was in bright orange!

A convertible
rag top down, sun glasses on,
breeze, off to the beach
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