Monday, May 16, 2016


Family legends....

Wow! You all have some interesting families!

I liked this haiku from Jill Scoggins:

Grandma's great-grandma
was "hunnert percent In'dun"
Or so they told us.

And wondered about this one from Craig A:

Astronomer Hall (Asaph),
Discovered Phobos, moon of
Mars. Had nice beard!

But the farmer brought the most intriguing story in:

Grandmother Nolley
birthed son in the wee hours, picked
cotton after noon.

And don't go to visit Seraphim's relatives:

My grandfather said
He had gators in attic.
Slept one eye open!

And Megan Willome had a great little story, and perhaps the saddest:

That violin, they
say, a Stradivarius.
Now it's long, long gone.

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