Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Chris Clark, Bear and Tommie

One of the graduates I will really miss is Chris Clark. He came to St. Thomas from Baylor, where he earned his undergrad degree. When he came to visit the school I met with him, and urged him to come. It was a leap-- he was and is a true Texan, and Minnesota is a stretch in terms of weather and culture.

He did it though, and St. Thomas was deeply blessed to have him. Because he was not a criminal law guy, he was not in my classes. Still, I often heard about him from others, many of whom did not know our connection. They always talked about him as being special, gifted in mind and spirit. I was taken with him mindfulness, too, and his gently soul. When I ran into him in the hall, no matter how busy I was, I couldn't help but detour and visit for a while, and I never regretted it.

I'm thankful for many of our students, and Chris is one of them. He will be missed.

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