Wednesday, April 27, 2016


What's up with Dad

I love my Dad's blog post for this week,  which talks about Prince, listening, Luis Resto (pictured here), and lots of other things.

It is all worth reading, but I especially liked this part:

I have some space where I can paint and store my work.. It is  a magical space above Vivios Restaurant in  Eastern Market. The space is only accessible by going to the third floor of Devries Cheese Shop and then passing through Luis Resto‚Äôs music loft. Luis could be anywhere, but chooses to create his art in the top floor of this very old building. He is here because of the sound he gets in this place with its high ceiling and  wood trusses. I would also extend to him the International Award for being a genuinely nice guy. Luis is exceptionally generous with his time, except when it is his time to create some music. He goes deep into his creative cocoon  and is completely unaware of anything or anyone around him. I know to walk quietly through his space and not disturb him when he is lost in his music. He will never look up. His concentration on his craft is inspiring to other artists.

I have seen that look of concentration many times in people I respect-- including my father.

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