Monday, April 04, 2016


Things from the closet

Ah, a fine crop of haiku this week!  I found it easy to visualize David Best's:

All the contents of
the garage were moved to make
way for new shelving.

Father came and built.
With the help of his son and
his grandson he worked.

The closets were freed
for interior storage,
undoing clutter.

Built shelving from scratch.
Measure twice cut once... then build,
great closet, garage.

Christine's made me want to plant things:

Dried stems dangling,
Cages sit in the corner
Soon, fresh tomatoes

And Renee's made me want to not farm:

In the desert in
Southeast Washington State,the wind began
To blow with a lust

For fresh down seed by
A hapless farmer.My father
Reached for Maalox,drank

Coffee,two sugars and cream
And smoked Winston after Winston.
The dust blew like Oklahoma.

And the Medievalist?  Well, we are not there yet in Minnesota...

Into the closet
Go the jackets, scarves, mittens
Summer in Texas.

I wrote that haiku out in Lubbock--while it was snowing. I could have used my hat and gloves which were back in Waco, you guessed it, in the closet.
Longing to plant some tomatoes but have to wait at least one more week. So the cages remain in the closet, for now.
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