Monday, April 18, 2016


Oh, the Terrible Twins

David Best captured their futility in haiku:

The Twins suck eggs.
That is all. // Not a haiku?
Guess we're 0 for 10.

Sigh. It is not looking good in Twin Town.  Meanwhile, St. Paul resident Susan Stabile chose to look to the past:

Cleon Jones in left,
Tommy Agee in center,
Swoboda in right.

The Amazing Mets!
They were the team of my youth.
What more can I say?

I'll go ahead and take credit then, for them reeling off three strait wins. Tough love is the best love. (I guess.)
Sorry I missed this! I was at a thrilling Partners' meeting in San Diego.
So, here goes:

Gone Thirty Three Years
Finally a real city
D.C. has baseball
I missed last week. but will add this memory:

Johnny Bench, Pete Rose,
Those were the stars of my youth
Cincinnati Reds.
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