Saturday, April 23, 2016


Mark Osler as Angry Hockey Coach

So, I gave a talk at St. Olaf College this week to a wonderful audience of students and faculty (where else would there be a "Viking Theater?").  They made this great poster, which features the "Angry Hockey Coach" photo that seems to be floating around the internet. I'm not sure where it is from, but it looks like I am about to yell at a left wing to "get back! Get back!"  


You sort of have that Barry Melrose look. And for some reason NHL Hockey coaches are always dressed in suits and ties.
Unlike baseball managers, who for some reason dress up as baseball players. Can you imagine if basketball coaches did that?
Nice tie for a hockey coach.

Granted it is cold down on the ice rink whereas it can be awful hot spending 3+ hours sitting in a baseball dugout during the summer. And the visual of the basketball coaches is too much for 7:30 Sunday morning.
It reminds me of a political ad.

Mark Osler: Tough on crime, tougher on pandas.
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