Wednesday, April 13, 2016


It may be the Olympics of event disasters!

If you ever wanted cheap tickets to see the Olympics, this might be your year-- it looks like tickets are selling pretty slowly to this summer's event in Rio. 

There is a reason for that, or rather reasons: The Zika virus outbreak, a rise in crime, pollution issues, political instability, rampant inflation, and a general feeling that the thing is going to be a mess.

Of course, that pales in comparison to the mess that is the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which is such a disaster that there is a Wikipedia entry for List of 2022 World Cup Controversies.  

Speaking of 2022 sport events debacles, we also can look forward to the Winter Olympics that year which will be hosted by Beijing-- a place so unsuited to winter sports that it is anticipated that all of the skiing events will have to be held on artificial snow.  In fact (and this is real), here is a photo of the mountain which will host the ski events, taken in mid-January of this year:

So much to look forward to!

Well slow ticket sales are a good thing for my good friend who is making the trip to see her God daughter swim (team Denmark). Easier access to tickets; hopefully.

Lots of things wrong with America (this must be true because I read about our problems every day all day). But, it is also amazing how often it comes back to me in subtle ways, how lucky we are to be Americans. So much for which to be thankful. So easy to forget the ways in which we remain so privileged by our birth.
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