Friday, April 22, 2016


Haiku Friday: Prince

Last night, they had a free all-night dance party at First Avenue to celebrate Prince's life.  It's not quite that, but let's have a haiku tribute here.

I can go first:

There were some glimpses
In Minneapolis, yeah,
But now, just music.

Now it is your turn. Use the 5/7/5 syllable scheme, and tell us what you remember best...

Guitar riffs galore
Crazy crowd at First Av'nue
I think I was there.

When I met him,me
In flight goddess guise,Hulk Hogan
His body guard,mouthpiece,

He wore violet
Knickers,& lavender poet
Shirt. "PRINCE would like a

Coke," Hulk said. Prince had
Eyelashes coated with gunk.
He was petite. This vignette

Rubbed me the wrong way.
So I did not make myself
Vulnerable to his music.
Dancing in college
Prince got us out there right fast
Singing to the moon.
Now doves are crying,
The great purple one is gone,
In his red Corvette.
Love those last two haikus. Nice work,Gentlemen.
Heartbreak Hill mantra
April, nineteen eighty five
I would die 4 you
Two dun doves with their
Bodies make a heart in the grass
To hide.Silent scream.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jehova's Witness,
few knew he was. But one day
he knocked on their door.

They were orthodox Jews,
it was Yom Kippur, but they
were fans, pleased to talk.

Love as faith and love
as sex, the metaphors mixed
freely for this man.
My Closest Encounter

Behind his chef in
The Chanhassen Byerly's
Almost touched his food.

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