Tuesday, March 29, 2016


What to do when you are ill

Like the majority of the residents of the Minneapolis metropolitan area, I am a little sick. Something bad is going around, and it went right after me.

Here are my tips for dealing with illness:

1)  Identify a Sicky-Boy (or Sicky-Girl) shirt. Mine is red flannel, in the style favored by railroad brakemen in the 1890's. The function of the shirt is to soak up germs.

2)  Drink lots of ginger ale. It contains two ingredients (ginger and ale) that fight germs. Plus, it tastes good.

3) If you are suffering from a fever, try to remember your dreams and then use them as the basis for a Magical Realism novel.

Don't forget your daily intake of Breadolin. Or is that bread-o-line?
It's Breadolin, as you well know. It is the active ingredient in bread.
Yuck - feel better..
May I suggest you substitute ginger ale with ginger beer - Trader Joe's brand is rather good and make sure you replace your toothbrush.
Actual ginger helps, too. Or there's a great ginger hard candy ("Gin Gins") from a company called Ginger People. No joke. Helps a sore throat and a stomach ache.

Just drink gin.
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