Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Trump Burnout

Is anyone else getting burned out on hearing about Donald Trump?

I know that his run for president is important, and that he could do great or terrible things as president (depending on who is talking), and that he says something horrifying every week, but I find myself changing the channel when I hear his voice or even someone talking about him. It's just that it all has become... boring.

And maybe, maybe, that in the end will be the way the Trump candidacy ends.

Yep - changed the channel this morning. GMA was discussing the Lewandowski issue and then Trump called in. Same old shit, different day. I don't think I can take four years of him in the Oval Office. Watch PBS today if you are still home sick or the Food Network or HGTV or rent a few RedBox movies.

Hope you are feeling better.
I leave the room or change the channel whenever I hear his voice on the television. I can't listen to him on any subject.

We may need to create a refugee colony in Ontario if he actually gets elected. Southern Ontario is a beautiful place that is almost like living in a great place in the U.S. but with better social policy.
There are plenty of people who feel the same way about Hillary. And if my childhood is any guide, there were certainly those who felt that way about LBJ and Nixon.
I am with Susan. I work-out every morning in our school gym and I am plugged into a TV for about 40 minutes of it. I often listen to Morning Joe … yet often surf to other news programs and Sports center. To me there is absolutely nothing engaging, nothing compelling about Trump’s classic narcissism … marked by his infinite grandiosity and his aggressive defense of any criticism. He is never wrong, never at fault (or his staff). Textbook. Bernie is interesting, but the angry, incessantly yelling old man also has me quickly changing channels. I am conflicted about Hilary … too often her campaign persona comes-off as forced, shrill, and inauthentic. Her best moment came a few weeks ago when she said “she is not a natural at this (being a politician).” Then she had my ear. A genuine moment. Humility goes a long way in drawing one into the narrative.
I'm getting burned out on Trump, too, until he says something like today's pronouncement: if abortions are outlawed, the woman having the abortion should be punished (but not the man who impregnated her). And then, of course, his campaign put out a statement that walked back what he said.

So I don't want to read about Trump, but I can't help it when I see that kind of headline. I don't know if he says things like this simply for the headlines--which he could very well be doing--or if he really means them. Punishing a woman for getting an abortion is a real step up in his alienation of many women voters, so it's a little hard to believe he'd say it without meaning it. But I could be wrong.

What a way to campaign: total shock value. Although I'm not his intended audience, I guess I'm still gullible.
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