Sunday, March 06, 2016


Sunday Reflection: The drive

Like the Nuns on the Bus, I am a person who needs a good road trip now and then. I find myself longing for it every once in a while, in fact.

It may seem trite to describe it as a spiritual need, but I think that it really is exactly that. I've noted before the many times that Jesus took off by himself, and his travels with the apostles were really just one big road trip.  

For me, there is a sense of place that comes with it, ironically. I know exactly where I am-- I am in the car, going someplace. I'm kinda hard to reach, and I am ok with that. I encounter people, however briefly, that I don't know, and that is not normal for me. I suppose in a way it both comforts me and shakes me up a little, and that is a good combination.

It was while driving on a long trip that I got the ideas for both books I have written, among other things.  Perhaps it is that... quiet.  

How about you? Do you need a good road trip now and then?

Yes. All those years of flying over things and being on someone else's schedule made me yearn to drive somewhere...anywhere.else I like to go where no one expects me. I like to enjoy the back roads where the wildflowers grow. I stop for pie. I lime pie. And breakfast on the road. I drive up for my late and admire the red barns and horses. Driving is definitely a meditation,and what you see,cause for delight. Have a good time,Dear!
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