Tuesday, March 08, 2016


Packing List

Tomorrow I leave for my annual ski trip with IPLawGuy.  This year we are going to Colorado, and will be staying in Frisco. In the past, these trips have been an adventure of one kind or another.

It's time to pack, so I need your help. Every year I forget something important. Below is a list of what I have stacked up so far. Peruse it, and then add to the comments section everything I might have forgotten.

Ski Trip Packing List

Rubber "registered trademark" stamp
Gummi worms
Chicken thighs (4)

That's all I have so far. IPLawGuy was in charge of renting the car... I just hope he doesn't get the one he chose last year:

Socks, Uwear, gloves, cap.

Why the ammo?

Marshmallows and a hair brush
Hair brush? What for?

And Waco Friend, you just never know what IPLG will be up to.
The Professor needs the ammo to trade with the locals for provisions. He refuses to let us take any interstates, so we have to do a lot of driving on older, poorly marked, poorly maintained state roads. Since everyone in Minnesota appears to using bitcoins these days, he has no cash. Therefore, ammo is his currency.

Me, I'm bringing beer.
Don’t forget the trashcan, just in case you’ll come across some roadkill that needs to be “roasted” a la Thanksgiving turkey.
Cool sunglasses that you can take on/off for dramatic effect repeatedly during the drive. You never know when you need to emphasize a point or purposely annoy your fellow passengers.
Gavin, that's a great idea. Aviator style is best for this…

IPLG, what is your hang-up with interstates? You know they track everyone who drives on them. I prefer my privacy, thank you!
I'm also bringing earplugs in case the Prof. brings along his disco and techno CDs again.
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