Friday, March 25, 2016


Haiku Friday: Where do you want to go?

Like Patient Bear, we must wait patiently for summer vacations to arrive. Now is the time, though, to dream them up and plan them, and that is half the fun.

Where do you want to go? Maybe you can't afford it, but where do you want to go?

Let's haiku about that this week.  Just tell us the place, and a bit about it.

Here, I will go first:

Me: London, England
I want to see what is new
And what's very old.

Now it is your turn! Just make it 5/7/5 for syllables, and have some fun!

Please send me a beach
Warm sand and cold drinks and sun.
Or, I will go there.
Me? Everywhere
Mountains high and valleys low
No snakes, spiders please
Take me to Europe!
I want to see a castle
And ride a fast train.
At night, look skyward,
Aurora Borealis
Send me to the moon.
Take me back in time
Catch with my Dad and Grandpa
Smell of leather, grass

No talk, not needed
White ball arcs agains blue sky
Snap - the mitt rings out

Mom and Grandma watch
All healthy, as it should be
Cool air, very full heart
I don't really care,
Where they don't speak no English,
Nor do they want to.
Send me off to write
Mountains, water, chilly nights,
People when I'm spent.
Istanbul, Iceland
Intrigue me: landscapes, skies, spires,
Revealing secrets?

New Zealand: Blue-green
Seas, hot springs; officially
There are no snakes.

It has been a while since I have checked in on all you regulars. Which I always regret every time I stop in for a visit and see all the great haiku.

Here is what I'm thinking of this morning. Not much to do with travel, but it comes from the heart.

holy Saturday
dawns with indifference for most
myself included

we sit in the cold
next to a fire warmed
freezing and burned

our back to the one
our face to the other one
unsure which is which

we long for the holy
and profanity in spades
unsure which is which

God from Nazareth
have mercy me a sinner
lost and searching here
NYC, baby!
Must see Hamilton. Gotta
happen. Damn the price!
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