Monday, February 22, 2016


You had me at "Clickity-clack"

Maybe I was pushing it by having the theme of haiku Friday as "chores," but I loved this one from MKS, which echoes my own experience:

Our yard is quite small.
Our mower is a reel one.
Soft clickity-clack.

 As always, too, Renee came through:

Her hands loved the dust
But mostly what she uncovered
With an ancient shirt

A photograph of
A baby's toothless smile,a
Depression glass sugar

Bowl from Aunt Ida
A single mother in the 30s
A tiny book of

Burns her ex-husband
Gave her it's red cover told
What might have been,this

Is why I cry when
I dust,remembering,remembering
My tears are like wine.

[Note to IPLawGuy: No, you don't get credit for that!]

Just getting in to read the week's blogs. I loved the reference of this title. This brought a smile to my Friday.

Mary S (also proud owner of a mug that says "You had me at Shalom.")

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