Sunday, February 07, 2016


Sunday Reflection: Quiet Heroes

Like many others, I was saddened to hear about the resignation of Deborah Leff as the United States Pardon Attorney. She is a remarkable person, and a quiet hero.

One of my problems with American culture-- and one that tears against the Christian faith-- is its celebration of "heroes" who have become rich or famous or both.  That is contrary to what we see in the Bible, where the heroes rarely are celebrated, rich, or famous (at least in their own time).  The people Jesus cites as worthy are the widow who gives her only coin to the poor, the Centurion who shows faith, and the Good Samaritan, among the many others who were unheralded but for his noticing their efforts.  Our contemporary faith is lousy at recognizing those quiet heroes (who often are not Christian, and rarely are rich or famous).  Instead our eyes are drawn to shiny objects created and propelled by a media with its own agenda.

Debby Leff toiled in a difficult place in adverse circumstances, according to NPR. She did so with a generous heart and firm will.  She may never be portrayed as a hero in the press, but that does not change a truth too few will see.

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