Sunday, February 28, 2016


Sunday Reflection: The End of Winter, the Thrill of Change

It might be a false alarm, but yesterday felt like the end of winter here in Minnesota.  It was in the 50's, and the snow was mostly melted away. I went walking by the Mississippi, and you could see it: the rivulets flowing down to the might river, that would carry our little snowbanks off to the sea.

Walking over the Stone Arch Bridge, it seemed like everyone in Minnesota was doing exactly the same thing. By the rail, people would pose for pictures in a t-shirt in front of the remaining snow, or marvel at the passing parade.

We are thrilled by change. It is rooted deep within us to respond to the change in seasons, to new generations, to the wonder of a place that is not our own.

Perhaps that is why people are so often in thrall to political candidates who promise change. We may not even think through what that change would be, and whether it would be good-- we just want a selfie and that vague hope.

Eternal virtues are always there, of course: Humility, faith, service.  They, too, can effect great change-- in fact, those who truly change the world for the better usually do it from this handful of traits.  This might be a good time to remember that.

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