Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Iowa Recap with Guest Blogger Grar the Giant Panda

Some of you may remember Washington insider Grar the Panda, who so famously ran for president back in 2008.  I asked for his comments on the Iowa caucuses of yesterday.

Grar is Panda of Washington. Washington is bad for people, and Iowa is a good place for election. If Grar were running this year, he would say that lazy bad government is problem with USA.  Here, look at this picture of a US government employee bear at "work":

He is a goof-off! Killing time, leaning on his shovel. And then, if he messes up, it is not his fault, because he is government bureaucrat who is never at fault: "Only you can stop forest fires" he says. Yeah, well, then what is that shovel for, lazybones? One would think it is for stopping forest fires. Oh, wait, no, it is so you can get a good rest instead of doing any work.

Grar has decided to run for president again. Send money to Grar.

I still live up the street from Grar, and baby Grar, and his inter-species cousin Rusty the little Red Panda (who escaped and was caught in Adams-Morgan a couple years ago).

Several of the candidates seem to be channeling Grar quite well. Maybe Grar is the new David Axelrod or Karl Rove.
Was Grar born in the U.S.? Or is he a nasty foreigner like Ted Cruz?
Grar was born in the US. Sure, he is of Chinese descent, but that doesn't mean he can't be as American as you!

He is black, white, AND asian.
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