Friday, February 05, 2016


Haiku Friday: Shoes

Yeah, you got 'em. You wear them. And you probably care about them more than you let people know.

My favorite pair of shoes gave up on me after years of dutiful service, and I miss them.  Here is my ode to those shoes:

They came in a box
From Texas, a great surprise
Note: "You need these, Mark"

Joy Tull (the sender) was right about that.

Now, you go-- haiku about some shoes. Just use the 5/7/5 syllable formula, and have some fun!

Black with a white swoosh,
Comfortable tennis shoes,
To Iceland and back
Kate Spade spring pumps on
Consignment, twenty-two bucks.
Oh, those kitten-heeled

Gems, purple-flowered,,
Low-heeled; felt like royalty,
Took the edge off work.

So buttery soft,
hand crafted, finest leather
purchased in Brazil

Came in a felt bag
Worn on special occasions
Re-soled many times.
Shoes walk you back to
A time of Slower.These black
Laced up Victorians.
The Hell of Age is
When Feet rebel and Pink Frou-
Frou High Heels...Adieu!!!
Leopardskin mules,Dad
And I saw in Edina.
He said,"Buy at J.C Penné."

Then sent cash to "Buy those
Darling shoes." Do you see now
Why I'll never throw them away?
He polished those shoes
Cordovan leather, laced
You could see your face
Hippie Shoe Chic--
From Italy. Waffle-stompers
Worn with Granny Dress.
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