Friday, February 26, 2016


Haiku Friday: Cookie Cuisine

I'm a fan of cookies. Partly, it is my mom's fault-- she made some great cookies when I was a kid, and still does. Then she did something brilliant: She taught my brother how to make them, and he is also a master. I remember in high school, he used to whip up a batch in between two-a-day football practices.  Even now, I sometimes am the lucky recipient of a fresh batch on a birthday or holiday.

Let's haiku about cookies-- do what you want with this. Here, I will go first:

One of my secrets:
I can't be near lemon bars
It's bad for us both.

Now it is your turn! Just use the 5/7/5 formula and have some fun! Feel free to refer to anything that has occurred in the fruit salad of your life.


Mom made cookies from
Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve
Dozens to give away

Friends, elders,shut-ins
All got cookies for Christmas
All different kinds

At five, I chopped nuts
and stirred to mix the batter
an put them in tubs

At six, in boxes
at Seven oven duty
not too soon or long!

And delivery
from car to doors ev'ry week
and to the neighbors!

From five to eighteen
Helping Mom do the cookies
Was my gift to her.

Dozens and dozens
Ev'ry year, Mom's gifts of love
Celebrating Him!
Future millionaires:
Tomorrow's best cookies will
Be Cheeto-favored!
Still crave school cookies,
Thick, round, cafeteria-
Made treats, once a week

Peanut butter, with
criss-crossed fork tines stamped on top,
Chewy, crumbly, oh .. .

Somewhere in N.C.
I hope the lunch ladies are
Still making them.

Raisins pretending
They are chocolate chips
So disappointing.

Mary S.
Cookies? um, cookies?
Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! Gulp
Cooooooooooooooooooooookies. Yum. Cookies.
Some warm ginger snaps,
fresh out of the oven are,
Heaven on earth, yes.
No more Girl Scouts here.
But still those cookies appear.
Thin Mints Samoas.
He developed ulcers
When he became a farmer
The only thing that

Made them bite less was
A glass of milk and sugar
Cookies,so she made

Cookies all week long.
He still hurt,but what a cure!
Medicine of yum.

These round French rainbow-
Hued Macaroons,chewy outside,
Silk middle frost: Sweet!
A bite into hot
Chocolate from a soft chocolate
Cloud. You have to close

Your eyes to ready
Yourself for intense pleasure
Of the savor,which

Is akin to carnal.
O Glorious Chocolate
Chocolate Chip Rush!
My father grew up
On a farm. German forbears
Made anise cookies

Treats called Springerle
The faint hint of licorice
Reminded of home.

He never found them
Those cookies, e'en though he searched
All those years later

Mother, rolling pin,
Sweet scent wafting in kitchen
Dark taste on the tongue.
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